How Harrison Market began. . .

The last horse died, the hay field needed replanting or a new use, Jill and Bill retired, and the tractor needed a purpose. So did we. Out of these events was born Harrison Market. We wanted to get good at growing food using organic methods, in as sustainable a way as possible.

Our operation began strictly as a U-pick with 5 weekly “pickers”. In 2018 we grew for over 100 families as well as several local restaurants. We feel like we’re growing food for friends as the same families visit weekly or every other week. Some have been with us since the beginning.

Our son, Ben, and Julie will be continuing with us full time as more families seem to find us each year. We really appreciate Ben’s strong back, mechanical ability, and forward thinking. Julie is becoming a pro at planning, planting, picking, and packing your shares.

The garden is a special place that continues to grow year after year and it is enlightening to see our shareholders appreciate our hard work! Thank you to our loyal shareholders, friends, and peers.

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