Are you “waffling”?

Are you “waffling” about joining our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)? Consider these 3 questions when thinking about whether CSA makes sense for you:

1. Do you value high quality vegetables with real flavor? 

Harvested green, gas-ripened, traveling on a truck thousands of miles. No taste, no flavor, no depth… No thanks!

There is nothing more local than CSA. Many farmer’s marketers are often importers from the south. You really have to ask questions about their “farm” and sourcing. Fabulous taste comes from freshness. We harvest only for that week’s delivery and don’t store unsold market items for yet another week. Our farm has 3 income sources; CSA and our U-pick CSA (our priorities), and our restaurant partners. 

Our customers look forward to the freshness infusion from that first CSA share in the spring. If you want delicious vegetable ingredients to create your meals, CSA can do that. We’ll explain how to successfully use your fabulous share, in the next update.

2. Does having a relationship with the farmer who grows your food matter to you?

As a member of our CSA, you can walk the fields where your food is grown. This is transparency. Often you will be harvesting extras from those same fields. You can meet us. See where our boots travel on a daily basis. We’ll help you not feel guilty with all those delicious nutritious veggies. Not only will you know how hard we work to produce them, but we’ll help you learn how to utilize them wisely. Yes, some surplus can readily be frozen. We have great recipes, many provided by our CSA members. 

3. Do you want to taste and use new vegetables?

Successful CSA membership requires being open to new vegetables and new varieties. We grow 50 different types of vegetables as well as strawberries. As sister farm grows raspberries and blueberries for us to pick.

We can help expand your veggie pallet, but you have to be ready for that adventure. You are going to discover some vegetables that you love! And some you may not like. You will have choices in your shares. Most folks grab the same veggies from the grocery on a weekly basis. And veggies can get boring when eaten the same way each week. You can add some excitement to your veggies offering. Are you up for CSA?

Delicious, organic produce from our fields to your table

When you join our CSA, you will enjoy more than just the organic, nutritious food from our fields and farms.

By signing up you acknowledge our CSA agreement

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