Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions from our community:

How do I sign up?

You can easily sign up by clicking the “SIGN-UP TODAY” button below. You will be directed to the Farmigo website where you can pick a username and password, and choose which subscription and delivery option you would like.  Please contact us if you need further assistance.  

You can sign up for your share and pick your drop off location via the link above.
By signing up you acknowledge our CSA agreement

What happens if I’m on vacation and miss a week?

You have a few options;

  • You can arrange for someone to pick up your box for you.  It’s a great way to introduce our CSA program to others.  
  • Donate your share to Miss Carley’s where she feeds the local homeless. We’ll deliver. 
  • Reschedule the box for the next week.  You will have to pick up at the farm!

Do I have to pay for the whole share at once?

Not at all, we offer payment installations.  You can choose to pay in 3 installments starting on June 1st.

How much food will I receive?

The box is about ¾ bushel and would need to be rinsed out and traded in weekly.  We make it a value for the family.

The full share is designed to feed a family of 3-4.  The every other week (EOW) share will be great for a couple or a family that doesn’t cook fresh as often.

What if I don’t like or can’t eat certain vegetables?

We offer fully customizable shares though our website.  For instance, if you don’t like eggplant you can swap it out with another item that is available in the store that week.  You can also add on items like an extra bag of lettuce or a bottle of honey or eggs.

Do you offer anything other than vegetables?

Yes!  Strawberries in June, blueberries in July and we offer organically fed, pasture raised pork (For whole and half pork options, you must contact Ben at 618-967-4729 before March 2020). We also offer grass-fed  pasture-raised Angus beef from a neighbor, as well as have certain cuts and ground beef available at the farm.  We also have honey and eggs!  

Where do you deliver?

Rockford, Roscoe, Rockton and Chicagoland.

If you would like to become a drop off location, contact us through the website for more information. (5 share minimum)

When should I expect my delivery or pick up?

We pack the boxes fresh every Wednesday.  Boxes are available for pick up at the farm by 1pm.  Deliveries to drop off locations will be between 2-4pm.  Chicago deliveries are every other Thursday and the times will vary by location.

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