Our CSA Agreement

You can sign up for your share and pick your drop off location via the link below. By signing up you acknowledge our CSA agreement below.

You can sign up for your share and pick your drop off location via the link above.
By signing up you acknowledge our CSA agreement

We, the farm, wish to provide you with fresh, local, seasonal food and you, the member, wish to receive a portion of our harvest. This agreement outlines our shared commitments to that relationship.

Becoming a Part of Our Farm

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a relationship between our farm and you as our customer. Rather than simply purchasing food, our customers become “members” of this CSA farm who receive a portion of the farm’s harvest.

Our CSA runs for 20 weeks, from the end of May to Mid October. Members are responsible for showing up at the farm or pick-up site each week or every other week to pick up your share of freshly harvested produce. You will generally receive about ¾ bushels or about 1 ½ paper grocery bags of freshly harvested organically grown crops from our farm.  Quantities vary with the growing season and can be expected to grow as additional crops mature. If you fail to pick up your share at the designated time, you will forfeit your share. Please make arrangements to have someone else retrieve your share if you will be unable to pick up.  With advance notice, we can donate your share to Miss Carley’s that provides meals for the homeless. 

Our Growing Practices

Our farm is organic certified by the NICS as well as the USDA.

The Products We Expect for the growing season

The chart below outlines some of the products we hope to deliver and when you may see them in your share. This chart is based on our best estimate, but of course weather, pests, and other events will affect actual production.

We will do our best to include root, leaf crops, alliums, fruiting and a variety of what’s available.  Sometimes, freezing quantities will be included.  Share holders picking up at the farm will be able to choose and clip their own herbs from our herb beds around the pack shed.  Drop site customers will get an “herb bouquet”.   



April and MayAsparagus, arugula, spring onions, radishes, spinach, leaf lettuce, Swiss  chard, kale, lemon sorrel, herbs, rhubarb
June and JulyPeas, strawberries, garlic scapes, heads of lettuce (not iceberg) , kohlrabi, cabbage, broccoli ,beets, kale,  summer squash, cucumbers, green beans, garlic and others.
August and SeptemberOnions, carrots, tomatoes, hot peppers, sweet peppers, sweet corn, cucumbers, edamames, eggplant
October and NovemberWinter squash (acorn, kabocha, butternut) pie pumpkins, beets, carrots, brocoli, Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, potatoes, gourds
***Continual plantings and harvesting.  Once these start, we keep them comingChard, kale, lettuces, kohlrabi, herbs, onions, carrots, beets, beans, cabbage and ???

Sharing in the Risk of Crop Failure

We promise to do our best to provide you with a bountiful share each week. The quantity of produce,  however, may vary  due to extreme weather, insects, or other production factors despite our best efforts. By joining our CSA, you are agreeing to share the risk of crop failure with us and other members. We have “sister farms” that we can share crops with if either of us need to “finish” or shares do to a crop problem.

Sharing in the Reward of Crop Surplus

When crops are especially abundant, we pack as much as possible into your share. However, we don’t want to overwhelm our members or deliver so much produce that it goes to waste. When we have an abundance we avoid spoilage and waste by donating to Miss Carley’s who feeds the homeless. 

We also grow for several restaurants.  Knowing what they want and order, we do grow some crops and quantities specifically for the restaurants.  The restaurants also continue to support us later in the fall and into the winter. 

Picking Up Shares

You are responsible for picking up your share each week or every other week (EOW) from your drop site.

Our “Farm to You” option:  We will deliver to your home if you have have 5 or more boxes delivered to your home!  (We might be able to help you with this.)

You are responsible for observing our drop site rules, which are as follows:

1. Transfer to your own bags and leave the box at the site.

2. Pick up your share within the time frame stated. Although we deliver high-quality produce to the site, it will decline quickly if not picked up in time.

If you cannot pick-up your share, you must arrange for someone else to pick it up for you. You are responsible for explaining the pick-up location and procedures to your substitute. 

If you wish to change your drop site, you must send us an Email.

We take the safety of your food seriously.  For your added protection, wash all produce before eating.  Most crops are washed and hydro-cooled however some store better if not washed . . . Onions, potatoes, beans, peas.

Member Fees

By selling membership in advance of the growing season, CSA reduces the burden of up-front costs for the farmer. Your membership fees provide us with money to purchase seed and equipment before the season starts, and we appreciate your commitment.

You may choose to pay your membership fee in one payment or in installments. Sign up through Farmigo, create your user name and password.

Communicating with Us

The best way to communicate with us is via email which is info@harrisonmarket.com .  We will do our best to respond as soon as possible, but please understand that we spend most of our time in the field growing your food and not at our desk.

We will communicate with you by email. When you sign up, you will be added to our distribution list. Please read your emails from us. We depend on being able to communicate important information such as necessary changes to your distribution schedule or to our farm events. Our website has both “Updates from the Gardens” and seasonally added “Recipes”.

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