How Our CSA Works

Our shares will included fresh washed and cooled produce picked within 24-48 hours of delivery. Our methods of growing are “organic or better” resulting in beautiful, tasty food.  Subscribing to the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) format of obtaining your produce means that you have to accept that there could be an occasional crop failure, maybe of one of your favorites.  We do have successive re-plantings, and as a result, our best beets were in the fall last year. The share is about ¾ bushel; we’ll make it a value for the family.

Watch for special invitations to the farm for picking of strawberries during the main season!

CSA Farm share program includes pick up at the farm.
For Chicago area or downtown Chicago sites, please add a delivery up-charge of $100.00 for an every other week delivery. For Rockford delivery sites, please add a delivery up-charge of $50.00.

The full share is designed to feed a family of 3-4.  The every other week (EOW) share will be great for a couple or a family that doesn’t consume as many fresh vegetables.

Customizable Shares

After years of member feedback while operating a traditional CSA we are offering the customizable CSA share  to put you in control of the quantity and selection of vegetables in your CSA box. Don’t like kohlrabi… no problem… trade for something else! 

Here is how it works:

  • Sunday:  We will send you a link by 4pm to customize your share and you have until Tuesday at 10am to respond.
  • Monday:  The deadline to submit your order. (If you do nothing, you will get our standard offering.)  Maybe a surprise and something new to you!
  • Tuesday & Wednesday:  We harvest your produce.
  • Wednesday: Rockford delivery and pick up at the farm.
  • Thursday: Delivery to the Chicago area and local farm pick up.

Local Farm Pick up

You will walk back to the red-roofed pack shed where you will get your share from the cooler. If customized through Farmigo, you will have a labeled box.  If you appreciate occasional “surprises”, choose your standard box. There you will also pick your choice of herbs from beds surrounding the pack shed.  

Annuals may be brought to the cooler as we replant them throughout the season (cilantro and dill).  There will usually be available extras if you pick up at the farm as we often need to clean-pick a bed but may not have room to include everything in the boxes.  We try to have some crops for kids to “help pick”, such as carrots in raised beds, or peas or beans, or some blueberries, that we don’t really have sufficient quantities to include in the boxes. The garage refrigerator has eggs and ground beef for purchase, as well as our honey.

You can sign up for your share and pick your drop off location via the link above.
By signing up you acknowledge our CSA agreement

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